Gerbil, Uncurled

Written by Alison Hughes

Illustrated by Suzanne Del Rizzo

Published by Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 2015


Little Gerbil has learned all of the important Gerbil Mottos from Grandpa: Always Keep Your Whiskers Clean, Celery Tops Come to Those Who Wait, etc.

But there is one motto that Little Gerbil just can’t manage to keep: Curl Up Nose to Toes when it comes time to go to sleep. At the weekly Gerbil Circle meeting she knows she has to tell the truth. Little Gerbil discovers that she is not the only one that has problems following some of the Gerbil Mottos.

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Awards and recognition:

*shortlisted- 2015 Rainforest of Reading 

*listed on The 16 Best Picture Books of Winter 2016, Forward Review


“Hughes (Lost in the Backyard) uses dry humor (“Little Gerbil was miserable. She was living a gerbil lie”) and her heroine’s perceptiveness and bravery to grow the story into a thoughtful, rodent-centric take on the idea of being the change one wishes to see.”
Publishers Weekly

“A fun book about being who you are and being proud. The stunning plasticine dimensional illustrations bring an extra depth to the story.”

“This thoroughly enjoyable book shares an important life lesson in a gentle manner that many children will find reassuring.The illustrations are sculptural and intricate and wonderfully fun to explore.”
Foreword Magazine

“Alison Hughes shares important lessons about cooperation, family and being true to oneself in Gerbil, Uncurled but young readers will be just as charmed by Suzanne Del Rizzo’s plasticene art of the little rodents and their environs.”
CanLit for LittleCanadians

“A heart-warming story using familiar animal characters, with valuable life lessons. Wonderful information for further learning about gerbils, pets and traditions, as well as an activity which an individual or a whole class can enjoy. Highly recommended for guided reading and discussion with young children in classrooms or in the home.”
Resource Links Magazine